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Gamatechno IT Consulting & Training Services

Plan and Audit Your IT Implementation. Expand Your IT Skill Resources.

Gamatechno IT Consulting Services

Penyediaan jasa konsultasi IT bagi perusaahan maupun organisasi agar dapat menentukan solusi yang paling tepat untuk diterapkan secara efektif dan efisien

Gamatechno IT Training Services

Pelatihan IT bagi perusaahan maupun organisasi yang dapat membantu dan mempermudah proses implementasi IT, transfer knowledge, dan sertifikasi karyawan

Mobile Apps, Software & Website Development

The Best Partner for Your Company Digital Transformation

Mobile Apps Development

Kami mengembangkan aplikasi mobile untuk kebutuhan bisnis perusahaan anda. Expertise dan pengalaman kami memberi  jaminan produk dan solusi optimal melalui analisa bisnis, jaminan kualitas dan project management terbaik.

Our Expertise: Android Development | iOS Development | UI/UX Design & Development

Pick Your Niche: Travel | Healthcare | Logistic | Transportation | Event | Ticketing | Marketplace | Finance | Education | Retail

Software & Website Development

Kami memberikan layanan front end dan back end development. Professional & dedicated team kami memberikan ekspektasi dan kebutuhan yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda dan memastikan delivery pekerjaan sesuai timeline.

PHP: CI | Laravel | Lumen (Microservices Laravel) | Yii | GoLang

Javascript: JQuery | ReactJS | NodeJS | VueJS

Database: Mysql | NoDB (MongoDB)

gtSMS Masking

Empowering Your Brands, Gain Trust and Credibility With SMS Masking

gtSMS Premium

Reach more customer from any mobile phone platform. Low cost promotion with big people coverage

gtSMS Advertising

Easiest and fastest way to engage with your customer/audience

Other Services

Provide All in One IT Solution for Your Company Need


  • Data Center Storage (Enterprise Storage)
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Computing
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Data Center Networking
  • End User Computing


  • Load Balancer
  • Virtual Networking
  • Mobility Device/Wireless Network (WLAN)
  • Managed Network Device
  • Network Performance Monitoring


  • OS, Database & Application Security
  • Data & Information Security
  • Network & Gateway Security
  • User, End Point & Mobile Security
  • Security Management, Monitoring & Control
  • Security Forensic & Analysis
  • Sandboxing and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
  • Virtualization Security

Big Data

  • Data Analytic
  • Data Migration & Integration
  • Data Access
  • Data Visualization


  • Command Center
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Conference
  • Door Access & CCTV Implementation
  • Onsite Support

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