Feel Safe on the Go

Lacakin helps you feel safe while on the go, allowing friends and families to follow your adventure and achievements


Business Benefit

Dashboard Tracking

For event organizer; you can easily track the participant by using LACAKIN dashboard. You will able to see the full information about the participant and his/her live location

Event Management

Easily manage your event from registration to race pack collection. Now, you don’s have to manually list all the event necessity which in some occasions force you to do mistakes

Key Features

Create and Sharing Activity
Create your own activty and share it with your friends and family
Now you can have a conversation with all the person in the same activity
Picture Sharing
Share your picture with your friend in the same activity
Instant Event Registration
Register to listed event easily with Lacakin

Event Support by Lacakin

Get Started

Contact Us

Phone: +62 274 5661 61
Fax: +62 274 5661 60
Phone: +62 21 29069516 (Jakarta)


Head Office: Jl. Cik Di Tiro No.34, Terban. Yogyakarta - 55223

Jakarta Office: Gedung UGM Samator Pendidikan Lantai 10 Jl. Dr. Sahardjo No.83 Tebet, Manggarai, Jakarta Selatan - 12850

Bali Office: PT Nata Gama Persada Jl. Sidakarya No.192 Denpasar, Bali


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